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July 8th - September 1st

Joeys (ages 4-6)

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 1:15-2:00pm

This class is an introduction to tennis that utilizes a smaller court and shorter racquets to enable earlier rally/play. Focus is on hand-eye coordination, racquet skills, basic movement, strokes, and most importantly FUN! 

1 day/week: $40 | 2 days/week: $80 | 3 days/week: $120

Turbo (ages 7-11)

Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-3:00pm, Friday 1:00-2:00pm

This class continues to Introduce tennis related techniques, movement, and the concept of rallying, as well as games designed to help learn the concepts of tennis in a fun and enjoyable style. 

1 day/week: $40 | 2 days/week: $80 | 3 days/week: $120

Tornado (ages 12-16)

Monday & Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm, Friday 2:00-3:00pm

This program is designed for the intermediate junior player. Classes focus on developing proper stroke technique, consistency and match play, as well as preparing players for tournaments.

1 day/week: $40 | 2 days/week: $80 | 3 days/week: $120


Have questions? Contact Director of Tennis Adam Brownlow at

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