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Booking With Kourts

Saltaire Yacht Club is excited to announce that we have partnered with Kourts to make online court reservations and programs bookings much easier than ever before. Simply follow the steps below, create your profile, and we'll see you at courts soon. 


To learn more about booking lessons, courts or any other club questions please contact

Step 1: Create a Kourts account (follow steps below) 

Step 2: Add a Credit Card to your account 

Step 3: Search for "Saltaire Yacht Club" 

For Booking Lessons, select Courts. For booking Clinics, select Programs

Lessons will be listed under each pro's name. Click on that pro and find a time that they are available. In the event that you overbook in accordance with the rules, we will be in contact with you. 

NOTE: This System has been formatted to prevent people from booking any more than 7 days in advance, every Saturday Morning. It also prevents you from booking more than 3 court times with a pro. Once your allotted amount of Lesson bookings has been made, you will be allowed more if there is availability. That availability can be seen from your Kourts App. Please contact us and we will then manually fill the open spots for you.

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